Security Policy


conducted on September in 2016.


Department of Tourism Website has recognized the importance of security to protect the user data from being destroyed or intrusion as well as those who have no right of access to information. So, Department of Tourism Website designed the website security by using standard security of information with high technology “Secured Socket Layer (SSL)” which is technology to access information through a code of 128 bits (128-bits Encryption) for encryption to the data is sent over the Internet whenever it is applied. Financial transaction is used over the network and the Internet. The Department of Tourism Website: which has provided a trap of information on the way. The information is not available to be used by using the encryption key for security of information. Users can observe the protocol name into http: // tourism in.



In addition to the measures and procedures for security by generally this discussed above. The Department of Tourism Website has high-technologies to protect your personal information.

- Firewall is a software system that would allow only those who are entitled or permitted by The Department of Tourism Website.
- Scan Virus are available to all computers that are equipped for anti-Virus which is high performance and always update. Then, the Department of Tourism Website is also installed scan virus software on the Server.
- Cookies are small computer files. Cookie will store temporary data that is required into the computer of the applicant for ease and speed of communication. However, The Department of Tourism Website is recognizing of the privacy of our user very well. Thus, avoiding the use of Cookies, but if such as Cookies are required. The Company will carefully consider security and awareness of privacy of a subscriber.
- Auto Log off in the service of the Department of Tourism Website from the quit. User should log off every time. If the user forgets Log off. The system will automatically log off within a reasonable time of each service to ensure the safety of service users.


Although, the Department of Tourism Website is a technology standard and high methods of security .To ensure the access to private information or the confident information without power as discussed above. It is generally known that currently, there is no security at all to protect your information from being destroyed or was accessed by someone without authority. So, you should follow the recommendations regarding the security of any of the following with.

- Be careful in downloading the program from the Internet to be used. User should check address of website before Login to the site to prevent counterfeit with the website.
- Should install the system of check viruses on the machine and try to update the program to check for viruses on your computer are up to date.
- Installation of Personal Fire wall to protect computers from attack to compromise such as cracker, hacker.