Mission and Responsibilities

Our priority role and a responsibility are; such as, encouragement and supporting a tourism business and services, tourism sites, a guide and tour guide business, including a standardization on tourism industry, a tourism security and giving a permission for a foreigner to make a movie in Thailand. Those will get along well with a law and policy; such as, of national tourism, of guide and tour guide business, and of a movie and video on demand, especially on relating to make a movie in the kingdom. All missions will encourage to make a benefit for national economy, a society, a traditional custom, a conservation on natural resources and surroundings, as well as, will develop a sustainability on tourism industry. The responsibilities are as followed;

1. Operate the missions complied with the nation tourism policy, guide and tour guide business law, movie and video on demand; particularly in making a movie by foreigner, and other relevant law.
2. Cooperate and plan for a site explore. These will encourage the tourism sites in terms of supporting, promotion, conservation, restoration along with developing natural tourism resources and surroundings.
3. Explore, file and create information system for administration and planning. The valuable information will be shaped in statistic and tangible knowledge about tourism sites and services, how to start up a guiding business or tourist guide. The statistic information will be also displayed a tourism community networks and a movie making by foreigner in Thailand.
4. Develop a plan for tourism site visits, services and records of guiding business and tourist guide. We also support their business to meet a standard bar and to comply with the law.
5. Analyze and standardize the tourism sites and services, a guide or tour guide business and relevant tourism industry. Evaluate and affirm their business standard, moreover, we also do.
6. Analyze and determine a policy and human resources planning. And, develop a personnel tourism training course to meet on demand of tourist industry within the country and on board. Guarantee, also, a qualified personnel to meet ASEAN’s tourism standard.
7. Perform a supporting role on a tourism security.
8. Follow up and evaluate a tangible outcome in terms of tourism development.
9. Support and encourage Provincial Administration Organization to take part in development on sustainable tourism. A community networks for a sustainability is also in a developing plan.
10. Cooperate with a government organization and private sector, within the country and on board, to be a focal organization, which will network a tourism industry on worldwide.
11. Perform to achieve the assignments according to the law defined, including a Ministry or a cabinet assigns.