Department of Tourism, formerly named the office of Tourism Development, was established according to Act on Organization of Ministries, Sub-Ministries and Departments, B.E. 2545. It has become effective, since a Royal Decree was signed on October 3, 2002. Its essential element is a transfer some missions from The Tourism Authority of Thailand, and also a role of movie business supporting from The Government Public Relations Department to be in Department of Tourism’s responsibilities.


A changing name, from the office of Tourism Development to be Department of Tourism, was conformed to a cabinet’s vote on February 16, 2010. And, it has been effective since a Royal Decree was signed on September 27, 2010.




The symbol of Department of Tourism is formulating from Tourism Authority of Thailand by selection of The Royal Barge “Suphannahong” image. Royal Barge is semi prow with bow resembling a mythical swan, or “Hong” in the royal barge procession or “Krabuan Phayuhayattra Chonlamak” which is alongside in the front of Wat Arun Ratchawararam or The Temple of Dawn. In the symbol is appeared the only grandeur prow of Royal Barge. Mythical swan, or “Hong”, adorned with gold lacquer and glass jewels, with a crystalline ball and tassel dangling from mouth. Department of Tourism brings the prow of Royal Barge “Suphannahong” to become the symbol which is impressive and well-known over the world. As the president’s World Ship Trust offered medal in 1992 to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej or King Rama 9. Background of the prow of The Royal Barge Suphannahong is the principal and small pagodas of Wat Arun Ratchawararam or The Temple of Dawn which is well-known as the symbol of Thailand.Moreover, It shows the river bank and water ripples of Chao Praya River which is major river and the root of art and culture of Thailand and is surrounded by Thai text “กรมการท่องเที่ยว” on the top and English Text “DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM” on the bottom.

  • The different size of stripes on the upper section  means core value of artistic, traditions, culture, breathtaking natural and environment which makes the tourism of Thailand is outstanding in various dimensions and also as the protection and safety for tourists throughout the journey in the various attractions of Thailand.
  • Watermark on the lower section means the water takes the ship to travel everywhere in Thailand which is Captivating and attractive. All is a tourist attraction and service is standardized. Someone who ever came and would like to come back again.
  • Gold represents a valuable, elegance, wealth, rich, warm, and friendly, creative. The inventor who invents or creates new things, independent, mercies are shown to the identity and prosperity of Thailand.
  • White  refers to bright light from the sun like the Department of Tourism. It is meant to demonstrate the power. The development of Tourism makes tourist can see and feel the creative things about way of life, aesthetic, harmony, forming into group, interpretation, assistance, purity, clean, accuracy, the creativity of development, create an atmosphere and changes.
  • Blue  means to travel comfortably, lively, aesthetic, clean, independence, freedom, assistance, sharing and fun in the bright atmosphere.
  • Green means the pure natural, plentiful environment, breathtaking, refreshed, calm, quiet, refreshed, calm, quiet, peaceful, relaxation, security, happiness.
  • Navy  means Thai people are friendly and courtesy, be honest, be calm, be good host, be consistency, stability, strength, leading, cold, comfort, trusted and classic.



Department of Tourism, the abbreviation is “DOT.”
Refers to the many points are endways and become straight line. In connotation means making something is growing up. It will have to come from the point. The point can be creative to become constructive basis to prevent the peak is unsteady. Point is the main for control the components or branches. Point is used by everything from close to home to the development for progress or prosperity of the nation and human civilization. In consequence, this small center of can create imagination to spread out widely.