Executives News

Executives News

The executives and the officials of Department of Tourism monitored the results of operation on community tourist attractions in Buriram Province.

Arranging the conference to discuss the approaches in the development of tourist attractions in Buriram Province

Special training and lecture on the procedures to request the support for overseas filming promotion measures in Thailand

Ceremony for giving Thai tourism standard accreditation mark to the accredited tourism entrepreneurs on the accommodation for tourism

Opening Ceremony and Reception of SportAccord 2018

Conference to set the approaches in supervising the tourist business and tour guides

Songkran Festival to convey Thai Traditions

The Director-General of the Department of Tourism visited Mae Hong Son Community Tourist Area

Director-general of Department of Tourism visited the volunteers for facilitating and assisting the tourists, Chiang Mai Province

Meeting of Committee Considering the Refund for Promotional Measures for International Filming in Thailand No. 2/2561

Meeting of Committee of Tourist Business and Tourist guides No. 3/2561

Exhibition of prototype souvenirs for tourism of "Charming tourism, charming Thailand"

Launching the tourist platform business via new and full-range online system for the first time in Thailand

Signing in the MOU under the “Project to Promote the Potential of Tourist Business Operators”

Opening the route of Tourism for All

Meeting of executives of Department of Tourism No. 11/2561

Tourism and Hospitality Skills Development Workshop and Roundtable

Department of Tourism congratulated for the inauguration day of Tourism Authority of Thailand

Meeting to grant the new personnel policy of Department of Tourism for the fiscal year of 2018 No. 1/2561

Director-general of Department of Tourism chaired the meeting of Department of Tourism No. 4/2561