Bureau of tourism service development has the following duties.

(1)  To analyze and research the problems and needs of developing tourism service for making plan to develop tourism services in line with national tourism development policies and plans.
(2) The preparation and audit process and certification services, and standards on tourism to the Board of Directors of the National Tourism Policy and develop a database and collect statistics about the tourism service.
(3) Promoting cooperation and support of the relevant authorities to comply with the relevant standards and legal.
(4) To coperate collaboratively with relevant authorities to solve the issue of tourism services to provide convenience and security for tourists.
(5) Provides support and technical advice on the development of tourism.
(6) To support and promote the development of cultural accommodation to the standards and rural and develop network to lead to sustainable community tourism.
(7) Working collaboratively with government and private sector for tourism service development.
(8) Working with or support the work of other agencies involved or the assigned.