Division for the Tourism Business and Guide has the following duties..

(1) To operate on licensing, renewal of license, Issuance of license, suspend or revoke the license,fee to be paid on business tourism and guides. Licensing and other business-related tourism and tourist guides, as well as the preparation of standards in business and tourism.

(2)  To prepare, maintain, records and track to edit or changes data and history of entrepreneur, tourism business or tour guides and tour leaders As well as develop a database and collect statistics about tourism business and guides.

(3) To promote and coordinate relevant departments to tourism business and the tour guide with standards required by law and regulations.

(4) Operating, storage and management of funds and assets of the fund for protection of tourism business according to the laws.

(5) To operate about lawsuits and complaints related to tourism business and tour guides and leaders to adhere to the laws.

(6) To control and monitor of tourism business and tour guides and tour leaders.  According to the laws.

(7) Operating on the Secretary of the Commission and guides and tourism businesses. Subcommittee that is designed by business committee of tourism business and tour guide

(8) To operate in collaboration with public and private organizations to survey the domestic and overseas on tourism business guides.

(9) Working with or support the work of other agencies involved or the assigned.