Office of the Secretary is function of following duties.

(1) Operation to facilitate the work of the executive, support, secretarial executive, coordinated government, management and practice of Administration Department.
(2) To prepare the project, implementation, plan and budget and in accordance with the Master Plan and policy of the Ministry and include education as well as monitoring and evaluation, analysis and reporting of performance.
(3) Be function of finance, accounting, budget, parcel post, buildings and transportation.
(4) To organize work system and personnel management of the Department.
(5) Operation that related laws and regulations such as legal transaction and agreements. Legal Counseling or work on civil and criminal and administrative cases and other crimes. In power Functions of the Department
(6) To promote the activities and work of the Department.
(7) To organize the system to survey, the collection, processing and utilization of Information Technology in Department and the Center of Information Technology in department.
(8) Operating on International Affairs and certification formalities in collaboration with the Government or foreign entities on tourism and culture.
(9) Working and support the work of other agencies involved or assigned.