Authority Office of the Secretary


Authority and Function, Office of Secretary. 


There are internal agencies as follows: 


1) General Affairs Division has the duties to 

1.1) Deal with general administration, correspondence and direction of the office and department.
1.2) Implement the coordination of the office and department.
1.3) Coordinate and monitor the indicators of the office.
1.4) Take care of the use of the meeting room of the department.

1.5) Perform secretarial duties, management meeting of the department.
1.6) Receive, deliver, store and destroy government documents under applicable laws and regulations.
1.7) Work with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.


2) Staffing Group has the duties to

2.1) Study and analyze structural systems and departmental planning.
2.2) Proceed with the selection, placement, transfer, evaluation and promotion of the department's personnel.
2.3) Develop the department’s personnel.
2.4) Perform related to personnel recordsin accordance with relevant regulations.
2.5) Perform to pay salaries, wages and medical expenses.
2.6) Carry out the evaluation of the performance of the government to promote salaries, wages and remuneration.
2.7) Take action on leave in accordance with leave regulations.
2.8) Carry out the application for the decoration of the insignia, pension and gratuity.
2.9) Take action on welfare matters of the department.
2.10) Take disciplinary action, appeals, complaints of the department’s personnel.
2.11) Work with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.


3) Fiscal Grouphas the duties to 

3.1) Control the department's annual budget.
3.2) Check evidence, documents, disbursement and reimbursement of official loans and control the department's advance money.
3.3) Record and make registration of the withdrawal request in the GFMIS system of the department.
3.4) Transfer budget changes and transferbudgets(withdraw instead)to the GFMIS of the department.
3.5) Receive and pay checks.
3.6) Make salaries, wages and remuneration, and record information in the government pension system.
3.7) Prepare financial statements and accounting systems of the department.
3.8) Manage parcelsof the department in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations and cabinet resolutions.
3.9) Carry out the procurement of the department in accordance with the relevant laws, regulations, resolutions of the Cabinet and in accordance with action plans of the department.
3.10) Prepare material accounting, equipment inventories of the department to control parcels and keep parcels properly according to the regulations.
3.11) Work with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.


4) Public Relations Grouphas the duties to

4.1) Prepare a public relations plan according to the department’s policy.
4.2) Promote and disseminate information, mission and activities of the departmentto enhance understanding between the public sector, private sector, mass media and general public.
4.3) Coordinate, compile and produce all types of media for publicity, mission, activities and works of the department.
4.4) Analyze, present, and comment on the issues that appear in the mass media in both normal and critical situations to build a good image of the department.
4.5) Work with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.


5) Planning Group has the duties to

5.1) Study, analyze and elaborate strategic plans in accordance with the department's mission to be in line with the master plan and policy of the Ministry.
5.2) Prepare a four-year plan for the department and action plan of the Office of Secretary. 
5.3) Coordinate, prepare and clarify the department's annual budget request.
5.4) Monitor, evaluate and report on action plans of the department to improve and develop the department's operations.
5.5) Accelerate and monitor operations and expenditures in accordance with measures to promote fiscal spending optimization.
5.6) Prepare performance reports related to the strategic plan, action plan and budget of the department according to policy guidelines as specified.
5.7) Report the evaluation by using a tool to analyze the level of success of the implementation of the budget spending (PART).
5.8) Work with or support the performance of other relatedor assignedagencies.


6) Information Technology Group has the duties to

6.1) Study and set up the department's digital frameworks and action plans to be in line with the National Digital Economy and Society Development Plan and the development plan of the relevant government.
6.2) Promote and support the performance under the law, the Act and the Royal Decreeas set the criteria for information technology.
6.3) Define and develop a standard for information technology as well as supervise the security system, manage the systems in accordance with the government policy on the Computer-related Crime Act.
6.4) Plan, develop and improve management standards, information technology services, including management systemto be effective continuously.
6.5) Promote andsupport individual competencydevelopment of information technology and apply information technology for management and operation.
6.6) Survey, storage, processing and use of information technology to be a central database or information centerof the department.
6.7) Control information technology infrastructure services, computer systems and internal networking systems, including database system management to link with internal and external agencies.
6.8) Supply, control, maintain, and manage computer systems and network systems, including computer equipment, copyright software to perform efficiently as well as solve problems arising from the operation.
6.9) Manage computer systems, network systems and backup systemsto be in line with the department's business continuity management policy.
6.10) Work with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.


7) Juridical Group has the duties to 

7.1) Work with laws and regulations under the department's responsibility and other relevant laws.
7.2) Take action on complaints and coordinate negotiations related to the department’soperations,implementation of administrative measures, dispute resolution, work on criminal offenses in the civil, criminal, administrative and other cases under the jurisdiction of the department.
7.3) Collaborate with both domestic and international public and private sector organizations on tourism law.
7.4) Perform legal and contract work.
7.5) Suggest and provide legal advice to the department's personnel.
7.6) Cooperate with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.


8) Building and Facility Grouphas the dutiesto

8.1) Control and take care of building, site, audio visual equipment and utility systemof the department that can be used effectively.
8.2) Control vehicles and disbursement of fuel of the department in accordance with government regulations.
8.3) Cooperate with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.