Authority and Function, Division of Tourism Sites Development.


There are internal agenciesas follows:
1) General Management Group has the duties to 
1.1) Operate on general administration. and be the helper of the division.
1.2) Provide financial management and accounting systems, budgeting, human resource management, administration, documentation, procurement, parcels and equipment, conventionality, data and information, meeting, contact and coordination, follow-up indicators and internal control system of the division to meet the target. as defined.
1.3) Work with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.

2) Academic Group and Tourism Sites Standard has the duties to
2.1) Study, analyze and research to innovate and develop knowledge related to tourism with the agencies and people involved in the tourism industry.
2.2) Study, analyze, research on problems and needs to develop a tourism site development plan, tourism standards and processes for inspection and certification to develop, improve quality and manage sustainable tourism.
2.3) Explore and evaluate the attraction potential to make a database of tourism sites around the countryand collect relevant statistics to prepare a tourism site development plan.
2.4) Promote, support and disseminate knowledge about tourism site management to agencies and related persons to be the academic network for the development of sustainable tourism.
2.5) Coordinate, promote and support relevant agencies to follow tourism sitestandardsand legal regulations, including give academic advice related to tourism development.
2.6) Collaborate with public and private sector organizations,both domestic and international about tourism development.
2.7) Work with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.

3) Tourism Promotion and Development Grouphas the duties to
3.1) Encourage and support the development of restoration of tourism sites and facilities to provide convenience, safety, nature and environmental protectionand be consistent with local identity.
3.2) Develop cooperation networks with all sectorsto monitor the situation, report the results oftourism conservation and development.
3.3) Promote and support tourism activities to stimulate local tourism to recognize the importance of attractions and promote the conservation of local culture, tradition and identity.
3.4) Monitor and evaluate tourism site development.
3.5) Work with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.

4)Community Based Tourism Promotion and Development Grouphas the dutiesto
4.1) Promote and develop to enhance the quality of community based tourism.
4.2) Develop personal competencyand learning system for community based tourism management.
4.3) Encourage, promote and support the participation of the community and related persons in all sectorsto conserve natural resources and the environment, including lifestyle and culture in community areas.
4.4) Prepare and develop a database and disseminate community based tourism.
4.5) Promote and develop a community-based tourism network with all relevant sectors to support communitybased tourism operations.
4.6) Cooperate with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.

5) Tourism Infrastructure Development Grouphas the duties to 
5.1) Support and promote the development of tourism site’s infrastructure in Thailand to create a beautiful image and safe for nature and the environment.
5.2) Plan and set guidelines for improvement and development of tourism sites to comply with the strategies of the Department of Tourism and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.
5.3) Study, explore, analyze, design and preparedetails of format, construction cost estimates ofthe tourism sites development project as well as check and analyze the appropriateness of construction project activities and the improvement and development of tourism sites.
5.4) Study and analyze the appropriateness and the possibility of the tourism sites development project of the agencies that apply for budget support to comply with relevant laws and regulations.
5.5) Give advice and solve problems in the format, the cost estimates of the tourism sites development project of various agencies.
5.6) Collect, prepare, formulate construction format, update details of activities and estimate the cost of the tourism development project to develop tourism sites.
5.7) Work with or support the performance of other related or assigned agencies.