Division of Attraction development has the following duties..

(1) Analyze and research the problems and needs of the tourism development plan for tourism development in line with the national tourism development policies and plans.
 (2) Analyze and research the problems and needs of developing tourism. The schedule change or revoke the county tourism development. A sketch map is marked the boundaries of the proposed national tourism policy.
(3) Analysis Research Development and cognitive development to conservation and management of sites, including the preparation of databases and statistics collection tourists.
(4) Coordinate, promote and support the relevant authorities to achieve the conservation, development and management.
(5) Survey and assess the potential for tourism planning and design as well as promote conservation, restoration, rehabilitation, improve tourism development. As well as tourism resources  and environmental quality In coordination with the relevant authorities.
(6) Monitoring and evaluation of quality tourism and the report on the situation of tourism development.
(7) Working collaboratively with public and private organizations within the country and to survey.
(8) Working with or support the work of other agencies involved or assigned.