2. Documents needed to extend the travel business every 2 year

1. Proposal form to pay travel business fee (Sor Tor Gor. 8) signed and sealed by the director/authorized representative.
2. Letter of certification shown that the cooperation has resisted legally according to the Civil and Commercial Code with proposal dates no more than 6 months (More than half of the board members have to be Thai nationality and Thai board members are authorized to sign and seal the documents according to the Tourism Business and Guide Act 2008.) including the address of the branch. (If there is one.)
3. List of the shareholders ( Bor Or Jor. 5 ) issued this year, vilified by Ministry of Commerce and dates not more than 6 months. (Natural person hold 51%)
4. Signed copy of ID card of all the directors and authorized representatives. If there are any foreign directors, attach a signed copy of passport and work permit visa.
5. Signed copy of the personal name change certificate or personal name change valuable paper of the director/authorized representative (If there are any.)
6. Signed copy of census registration of all the director/authorized representative.
7. Photos of the front and inside of the office signed by the director/authorized representative and sealed.
- 2 front photos includes the whole building and shows the address and nameplate clearly.
- (The nameplate has to be in Thai and durable. The photos have to be in color, size 4” x 6”)
- 2 inside photos (The photos have to be in color, size 4” x 6”)
8. Map of the office signed and sealed by the director/authorized representative.
9. Proof of ownership or possessory right over the property where the office located. Also, attach a copy of title deed signed by the lessor.
10. Travel business license and Travel business license (branches) with a copy of travel business license sealed and signed by the director/authorized representative. (Or notification of loss.)
11. A copy of insurance policy
12. Letter of attorney and copy of ID card of the director/authorized representative, signed and sealed, attached 30 baht stamp with a copy of ID card from the attorney.