6) How does the Department of Tourism plan to develop the professionals, in 32 job titles, in tourism industry according to the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals?

There are guidelines for developing the professionals in tourism industry, in 32 job titles, according to the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals of the Department of Tourism as follows:
1. Regulate the Act to promote the tourism manpower B.E. ... to be completed subjected to the enactment of the Kingdom of Thailand and apply to provide effective support to the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals: ASEAN MRA on TP: MRA-TP) and regulate other relevant legislation (Subordinate Legislation) to support the orderly implementation.
2. Promote public relations for relevant sectors such as students who are about to enter to the tourism industry, tourism service providers in the tourism industry and business owners in the tourism industry, government departments and agencies, private sectors including general public to know and have a correct understanding of the MRA-TP.
3. Promote and facilitate the professionals in the travel industry, educational institutions and other involved agencies participating in the training and assessment to be developed as an ASEAN Master Trainer (MT) and an ASEAN Master Assessor (MA)
4. Conduct training and evaluating programs for National Trainers (NT) and National Assessors (NA)
5. Promote, support and endorse potential institution or entities with all qualifications as a Training Center and an Assessment Center for the ASEAN Tourism Professionals and create a network of professionals development in the tourism industry into the international standard.
6. Drive personnels in the tourism industry into the development process (training and assessing) to be the ASEAN Tourism Professional (ATP).
7. Develop the Tourism Professionals registration system of Thailand to associate with the system of the ASEAN and promote it as a channel to facilitate a labor mobility of the Tourism Professionals to achieve purposes of the agreement.