1) What is the Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals (MRA-TP)? Is tour guide a position that promotes or allows foreigners to work in Thailand regarding to the agreement?

ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals: ASEAN MRA on TP: MRA-TP) was established by the approval of all 10 ASEAN countries that aims to facilitate the international mobility of tourism labour across the ASEAN region to exchange information as well as best practices in order to enhance performance and potential of manpower in the member states to be international. The promotion and professionals development in the tourism industry under the agreement does not include tour guides. Tour guide is a profession reserved for Thai people only. Currently, manpower development in the tourism industry under the agreement operates in 2 branches in 6 departments, 32 job titles as follows...
1. Hotel Services include 4 departments 23 job follows...
1.1 Front Office has 5 jobs
1.1.1 Front Office Manager
1.1.2 Front Office Supervisor
1.1.3 Receptionist
1.1.4 Telephone Operator
1.1.5 Bell Boy
1.2 House Keeping has 6 jobs
1.2.1 Executive Housekeeper
1.2.2 Laundry Manager
1.2.3 Floor Supervisor
1.2.4 Laundry Attendant
1.2.5 Room Attendant
1.2.6 Public Area Cleaner
1.3 Food Production has 7 jobs
1.3.1 Executive Chef
1.3.2 Demi Chef
1.3.3 Commis Chef
1.3.4 Chef de Partie
1.3.5 Commis Pastry
1.3.6 Baker
1.4 Food and Beverage Service has 5 jobs
1.4.1 F&B Director
1.4.2 F&B Outlet Manager
1.4.3 Head Waiter
1.4.4 Bartender
1.4.5 Waiter
2. Travel Services has 2 Department 9 jobs
2.1 Travel Agencies has 4 jobs
2.1.1 General Manger
2.1.2 Assistant General Manager
2.1.3 Senior General Manager
2.1.4 Travel Consultant
2.2 Tour Operation has 5 jobs
2.2.1 Product Manager
2.2.2 Sales and Marketing Manager
2.2.3 Credit Manager
2.2.4 Ticketing Manager
2.2.5 Tour Manager